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Using Geo-Location in Apps

Geo-location is everywhere these days. The vast majority of big business apps use it and it provides an excellent bunch of features that your customers can use on a daily basis. Here are some examples of apps that use geo-location with extreme effectiveness to give you a bit of inspiration when thinking about your own local business app!

Starbucks new online ordering system is an incredible use of Geo-location. Not only can you order your drink online at your nearest store, but the app also gives you a map from your current location direct tot he store where your coffee is waiting and it gives you an expected “drink ready” time too.

Perhaps the best use of Geo-location has to go to Uber. From an app on your phone, you can order a taxi from wherever you are to take you to wherever you need to go to. You can use geolocation to view all of the Uber cars currently in your local area and also view the car and all the driver details once you have selected your destinations. Uber is an incredible app altogether! From the easy payment system, safety aspects of driver identification, great use of geo-location to their free ride referral system. If anyone wants to try it out, you might as well use may code ‘davidm2517ue’ and you get your first ride for free and I get my next one for free too! Win, win and the most shameless use of a blog post ever.

Another incredible social platform, that is based on your current home neighbourhood. Nextdoor allows you to connect with people in your neighbourhood to buy and sell items, keep others up to date with news in the area and is effectively like a big noticeboard. It is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to events, crime and anything else that might affect you day to day.

Tinder is based on geo-location and Facebook and finds singles in your area who are looking for other singles in their area. This works worldwide and is an excellent idea for anyone that is looking for a connection based on location. Your tinder profile is made up of your Facebook profile picture and your Facebook likes and interests. Users can put limits in place by setting distance and then the app uses geo-location to identify potential matches. Very clever!

Expect to see a huge increase in the use of geo-fencing and geo-technology in shops and apps near you soon. Having the ability to use a phones built in GPS sensor to direct someone right to your business front door is a huge tool with massive potential. Don’t be left behind! For a free, no obligation quote, get in touch with us today on 0141 628 6928.

Merry Christmas.

David P McCall

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