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Thinking about an app for your business?

If you have decided that your business needs a mobile app, here are a couple of things that you need to start considering.


What do you want to achieve from a mobile app? There should be a well thought out plan before you decide to go ahead and have a mobile app developed for your business. If there is no clear purpose for your app, more often than not, your app will fall by the wayside and not be used as an effective marketing tool. Things to consider. Are we looking for more customers? Are we looking to increase engagement with our existing customers? Are we looking to reduce out marketing costs in the long term? Can we communicate more effectively with our customers?


How much will it cost to have a fully functional mobile app designed? Cost varies greatly on who you are using. Some national agencies that have huge overheads can overcharge drastically to do the same work that could be done by a local mobile app development company. It is always advisable to take quotes from a few different companies, specify exactly what you are looking for and check what ongoing support you will receive once your app has been deployed. Mobile apps don't have to cost the earth and should definitely give you a solid return on your investment.


You app should reflect your current company website, colours and branding to promote brand uniformity and recognition for your customer base. Ask your developer to use current themes, images and designs from your business brand. This should bring down costs for you.

Merry Christmas!

David P. McCall

Newark & Lyle.

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