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How Loyalty Schemes Can Increase Sales

You’ve seen loyalty systems everywhere. Starbucks have an app, McDonalds do it on the side of their coffee cups with stickers, British Airways do it with Avios Points, Boots with the Advantage Card and then we have Nectar, Tesco and their Club Card, Marks and Spencers and the Smarts Card.

Why? Because loyalty works! Your customers like to feel rewarded, they like to feel like part of your brand and the big organisations out there know this. I’m going to take a look at a few ways that loyalty via a mobile app can help you, and therefore why you should have one for your business.

Proven System for Return

If loyalty never worked, the big brands I mentioned above would have dropped their loyalty systems a long time ago and moved onto the next big thing in marketing. Millions of pounds and dollars have been spent on researching these systems before they were deployed. If you examine what works for these systems, it is mostly down to simplicity and ease of understanding. Buy something, swipe card, collect points via your app, save enough up and claim your prize. If you are in the startup phase of your business, loyalty is an incredible way to grow quickly and increase sales.

Data Collection

Data collection today is absolutely vital for the success of the majority of businesses out there. A loyalty scheme is a great way to identify what your customers habits and trends are, to know what they are buying and when, and also to ensure that you know when your business needs the boost to the tills. This is all invaluable market research that would cost a huge amount of money to gather if you were to try and do this manually. By using a well designed mobile app for this, you have a cost effective way to gather data.

Return Business

Customers are more likely to return to your business if they are rewarded for the visit, as opposed to going somewhere that has no incentive for them. Repeat customers are much easier to engage and a lot cheaper to gain than new customers. A well thought out loyalty scheme based app with a value packed reward is going to produce much better results than many other marketing activities that cost a lot more money to produce and run.

Happy Customers

What else does a business crave for? Happy customers usually equals money in the tills! A mobile app connects you directly with your customers, keeps them up to date with your latest news, can reward them for their loyalty and gives them the motivation to come back to you. When you combine a great loyalty scheme with push notification messages from your new app, you can put your brand firmly in your customers hand!

With the advent of affordable mobile app design, what are you waiting for? Can you really afford to let your competitors stretch a lead over your business? Don’t miss out and get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote.

David P McCall

Newark & Lyle Ltd.

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